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Original news saved on 27 February 2009, 01:35 GMT
from Anime Vice. More below:
Kiddy Girl And...What?
Are there any hardcore Kiddy Grade fans out there? I've never heard of one (which is not to say I disliked the show, just that I've never known anyone super into it)...but there must be a few, because a spinoff to Gonzo's 2002 fanservicey sci-fi adventure has been announced. Hopefully it'll actually happen, unlike the announced 2006 sequel...Anime production will be by Satelight and gimik, with Hidefumi Kimura acting as series director.

The show is titled Kiddy Girl-And, although the katakana (?????????) kind of reads better as Kiddy Garland. So I think I'm going to call it Kiddy Garland, which is a way less silly name. I mean, I hate repeating my headline and all, but...and what? And isn't ?kiddy girl? kind of weird and partially redundant?

Are you with me on this, guys?