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Chain Chronicle Anime Project Streams Trailer for 2nd Film
2nd of 3 films adapting Sega's smartphone game opens in Japan on January 14

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga Anime Streams Character Videos For Renzo, Konekomaru
Koji Yusa, Yuuki Kaji reprise roles for anime premiering on January 6

"Street Fighter V" Announces Holiday-Themed DLC
No word yet on whether we get to beat up Santa's sleighFinally, a holiday fight worth looking forward to Capcom has announced their special holiday DLC for Street Fighter V, featuring six new costumes and a new holiday-themed stage PSX attendees will get a chance to experience the new content for themselves this weekend, but you can hit the jump to see it for yourself now!

Final Fantasy XV ?Fastest Selling Final Fantasy Ever?
Despite all the ire of legions of Final Fantasy purists towards the blasphemous title, Final Fantasy XV has managed to become the fastest selling entry in the franchise ever, a feat that will likely be regarded as a resounding revival…

Lupin III Goemon Movie Trailer Cuts Deep
Footage of the upcoming Lupin III Chikemuri no Ishikawa Goemon film has finally slashed its way online, giving a brief glimpse into Goemon’s past and backstory whilst seemingly promising a great deal of skillful swordplay – a much needed element…

Musou Stars Surprisingly Sexy
The first official trailer for Koei Tecmo’s “franchise” brawler Musou Stars has shown off more of the beloved characters that players can try out in a Dynasty Warriors setting, something that critics will likely label as the game’s only positive…

Pump up the Volume with New "Symphogear GX" Hibiki Figure
17-scale musical heroine is ready for battle in her new Hobby Stock figureBring the power of Gungnir into your home with Hobby Stock's new Hibiki Tachibana figure The Symphogear heroine is now up for preorder, to be shipped out next spring Hit the jump to get yours!

Voice Actress Rica Matsumoto Goes Independent

Gonzo, Koji Morimoto Launch Tentatively Titled '18 Anime' TV Anime Series in 2017
Morimoto also produces VR video for multimedia project

Sharp-Eyed Remilia Scarlet Cosplay Highly Sophisticated
Ancient vampiress Remilia Scarlet has apparently become vulnerable in her old age as this cosplay depicts the eternally youthful girl wearing some sleek red specs, a unique addition that will no doubt send fetishists into an amorous frenzyThe “nerdy”…

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