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Gorgeous Onanism Goddess ?G For Gargantuan?
The masturbation sessions of a lovely G-cup goddess have been showcased online for internet denizens to indulge in (a seemingly common occurrence for women in desperate need of attention), with the exquisite 20-year-old goddess even revealing her cute face to…

Tsugumomo Naughty Nude Finale
Tsugumomo‘s finale has concluded the fierce battle from its previous episode while also offering viewers one last sexy scrub-down scene, bound to have some wishing that such content was in much higher abundance as opposed to the aforementioned plotOmake…

Sentai Filmworks Introduces "Monster Musume" English Dub Cast
Section23 is getting ready to release Sentai Filmworks' Monster Musume (uncensored) on Blu-rayDVD and Premium Box Set editions on July 25thSection23 is getting ready to release Sentai Filmworks' Monster Musume Everyday Life with Monster Girls (uncensored) on Blu-rayDVD and Premium Box Set editions on July 25th  Today, to prepare, they revealed the English dub cast for 2015's adaptation of the Okayado fantasy comedy Get the details after the jump

Anime Network Streaming Website Switches to Cable, Video on Demand Only
Anime Network, Inc announced on Tuesday that it has acquired the "wwwtheanimenetworkcom" domain name from Anime Network Online (ANO) The website currently

Fly on Goku's Nimbus at J-World Tokyo Theme Park
Namco's J-World Tokyo indoor theme park is introducing a roller coaster with no track, carts, or seat belts The new ride is a virtual coaster namely,

Good Smile Company Gives Rem A Night She Won't Forget With "Re:Zero" Birthday Lingerie Ver. Figure
Ok Some explanation is neededOk Some explanation is needed Why is Rem in her nighties on a pillow for a "birthday ver" ReZero figure You might remember that there was a big to-do last year, into early this year around RemRam's February 2nd birthday, leading into Valentine's Part of that was art by light novel illustrator Shinichirou Otsuka, and one of those pieces has inspired a scale figure from GSC

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone DX PS4 Game Announced
Package release collects DLC from Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone DX

Mistwalker Unveils Terra Battle 2 Game
Preview shows concept art Final Fantasy creator Sakaguchi shared last year

Hisoka Is Back (Literally) For New "Hunter x Hunter" Manga Collection Cover
And, this one has a fight that has been building Bill Clinton was president SeriouslyLess than 13 months after the previous volume was released, there's a new collection of Hunter x Hunter out in Japan next Monday And, this one has a fight that has been building since Bill Clinton was president Seriously! Preparing for the June 26th release and the manga's return to Jump, the editors have offered a look at the cover for Hisoka's throw-down with Chrollo Get a look after the jump

HIDIVE Anime Streaming Service Launches With Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Updated)
New service launches with US$399month membership

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