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Final Fantasy XV EGX Footage Surfaces
As the wildly hyped Final Fantasy XV continues to ever slowly approach release day, EGX has exposed more of the game’s various activities and has even demonstrated how the black drab ensemble of the RPG’s characters can be swapped out…

One-Punch Man Season 2 Announced
A 2nd season for the outstandingly well-received One-Punch Man franchise has been announced, easily inducing a crazy amount of anticipation among both the eastern and western hemispheres as fans attempt to wait for more one punch actionThe news came…

Ange Vierge Finale ?Where?s The Bathing!??
Girl-on-girl battle anime Ange Vierge is on the verge of bringing its battle abundant plot to an end with its final episode, unfortunately disappointing many as the show neglects to showcase a final bath scene (a consistent staple of the…

"YuruYuri" Author Draws "Persona 5" And "Pok
This week, she posted new Poke-heroine and Phantom Thieves of Hearts navigator Futaba Sakura from the latterIf what she posts to Twitter is any indication, despite an impressive work pace, Namori aka ELEGY SYNDROME, apparently finds times for gaming And, if her posts to Twitter are any indication, a couple games she's looking forward to are Pokemon SunMoon and Persona 5 This week, she posted the protagonist of the former and Phantom Thieves of Hearts navigator Futaba Sakura from the latter

Yen Press Licenses Tsukumizu's Sh?jo Sh?matsu Ryok? Manga
Manga follows 2 girls traveling in Kettenkrad after end of the world

AQUAMARINE Offers Their Take On "Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA" Beast Version Figure
Broccoli previously offered a Beast Ver figure tooA year and a half ago, in anticipation of Fatekaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!, that summer's third adaptation of Hiroshi Hiroyama's Fate magic girl spin-off manga, Broccoli launched pre-orders for a "Beast" version of Illyasviel Von Einzbern They offered a follow-up Miyu this year on Illya's birthday Now, with this summer's fourth anime, 3rei!! wrapped up, it's AQUAMARINE's turn for a figure, to be distributed by Good Smile Company

US Anime Singer Stephanie Yanez Announces Second Anime Cover Album Japan Release
This follows the release of Stephanie's first physical CD release in Japan and her worldwide digital release of her Anime Cover albumJpopanison singer and model Stephanie Yanez has announced the physical Japanese release of her second anime song album, with songs from Laputa, One Piece, Urusei Yatsura, Stand By Me Doraemon, and Dragon Quest On its first day, it got the #3 slot in  Amazon Japan&rsquos Best Seller Ranking list for Disc On Demand More after the jump

Crunchyroll Adds "Nyanbo!" to Fall 2016 Simulcast Lineup
Series starts streaming today, September 26, at 315pm Pacific TimeCrunchyroll announced another fall 2016 simulcast show just now with the addition of Nyanbo! The cute series kicks off today, September 26, at 315pm Pacific Time Read on for more

Koichi Yamadera and Rie Tanaka Join Cast of "The Disastrous Life of Saiki K."
Real life husband-and-wife couple will play grandparents of main character Saiki KusouProfessional voice actors and real life husband-and-wife couple Koichi Yamadera and Rie Tanaka are joining the cast of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, an ongoing TV anime adaptation based on the humorous psychic gag manga by Shichi As Hit the jump to learn more

Crunchyroll to Stream Nyanbo! Anime
Series stars cat version of "Danbo" character from Yotsuba&!

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