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Enkou Shoujo All About Schoolgirls
Promiscuous schoolgirls have played a major role in the first episode of Enkou Shoujo Rikujoubu Yukki no Baai, an ero-anime of a relatively vanilla nature that will surely tickle the fancy of viewers whose sexual fantasies involve paying for sex…

Mujaki no Rakuen OAD Sucks Hard
The 10th volume of the consistently perverse Mujaki no Rakuen has come bundled with a sensuous pool-based OAD, barraging viewers with a surplus of bikini-clad girls and suggestive ice cream licking that will no doubt earn the favor of H-enthusiasts…

New "Berserk" Gameplay Videos Show Casca and Judeau In All Their Glory
Oh Casca, if only you were the same way you were back then If you're tired of seeing Casca in the state she's been in throughout the new Berserk series, this news might be right up your alley Koei Tecmo has released new footage from its upcoming Berserk game for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, releasing in Japan on October 27 and North America this fall Hit the jump to see her in action!

Team Sword Takes Over in Latest "Hand Shakers" Character Art
Anime project celebrates Animate chain's 30th anniversary in JanuaryAnother week, another character art reveal for the upcoming Hand Shakers anime Last week we saw Chizuru and Hayate of the Shadow team, and now it's the Sword team's turn Kodama and Hibiki make up this duo, so check out how they're lookin' after the jump

SCREEN mode Performs Bung? Stray Dogs Anime's New Opening Theme
Band streams music video for new song debuting with anime's 2nd half in October

Teen Romance is Tough in "Oboreru Knife" Trailer
Live-action film adaptation of shjo manga by George Asakura hits Japanese theaters on November 05, 2016A new trailer is now available online for Oboreru Knife (known in English as Drowning Love), a live-action film based the romantic shjo manga of the same name by George Asakura Hit the jump to check it out

Berserk Musou Game's Latest Gameplay Videos Highlight Casca, Judeau
Wyald added as playable character for game shipping in Japan on October 27

Final Fantasy Type-0's Ace Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Game
New "Conflict of the Gods" event also announced

Square Enix Reveals Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival Arcade Game
Rhythm-action arcade game launches in Japan on September 27

"Twin Star Exorcists" Author Congratulates Voice Actor Natsuki Hanae On Marriage
The 2015 Seiyuu Award winner announced his nuptials on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting's A&G (anime and game) Tribal Radio AgsonSorry ladies (and gents), Natsuki Hanae, the 25-year-old voice actor known as Tokyo Ghoul's Ken Kaneki, Twin Star Exorcists' Rokuro Enmad, Your Lie In April's Ksei Arima, AldnoahZero's Inaho Kaizuka, Gundam IBO's Biscuit Griffon and more  is taken The 2015 Seiyuu Award winner announced his nuptials on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting's A&G (anime and game) Tribal Radio Agson

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