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Kaiju Action Explodes in 5th "Earth Defense Force 5" Trailer
Check out the latest trailer, premiering a new robotCheck out the latest footage from Earth Defense Force 5! The news report shows off massive kaiju and equally massive robots Get your sneak peek of the December release after the jump!

Shigeru Mizuki's Y?kai Art Book Gets Reprint in November
In addition to creating manga such as GeGeGe no Kitar and Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, Shigeru Mizuki is known for his ykai (Japanese ghouls, monsters)

Vocaloid Gumi, Voice Actress Mami Kingetsu Sing for Akashi City
Voice actress Mami Kingetsu (GunXSword's Elena) and Megpoid Vocaloid voice synthesis mascot girl Gumi are teamed up to sing an original song for a promotional

Listen to the Full-Length Version of New "Hozuki no Reitetsu" OP
Jigoku no Sata All Stars reunite for the new theme, previewed exclusively by King RecordsGet ready to dance with the newest Hozuki no Reitetsu opening theme -- the whole thing! King Records has dropped the track to promote its limited-edition maxi, coming next month when the show enters its second season Hit the jump for your first listen and more info

Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond Anime Previewed in Video Before Premiere
2nd anime season premieres on October 7

Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki Manga Artist Y? Passes Away
Passed away on July 1 despite gradually improving from chronic illness

Young Love is Sweet and Sour in "Sakura Trick"
Cherry blossoms and lilies bloom as "Cruising the Crunchy-Catalog" looks at the 2014 yuri TV animeYouth is in bloom in Sakura Trick, a 2014 romantic comedy yuri TV anime and also the subject of this week's installment of "Cruising the Crunchy-Catalog" Hit the jump to learn more about the sweet and sour moments of the lives and loves of high school girls

Belgian Tech Student Crafts Record Winning "Largest Game Boy"
Giant-size portable video game console is fully functional and just over 1 meter tallIlhan Ünal, a Brussels-based university student studying multimedia and communications who works weekends as a hardware software developer, has won a Guinness World Record for crafting the largest, fully functional replica of the Nintendo Game Boy portable video game console Hit the jump to learn more

Marie Rose Ero-Cosplay by Xidaidai Terrifically Tiny
Dead or Alive’s exceedingly petite Marie Rose has gotten some love from teasing cosplay queen Xidaidai, dressing up in a rather frilly and equally minuscule bikini only to expose her delectably flat chest (all but the pinkest parts at least)…

Tokyo Game Show 2017 Booth Babes Fabulously Flaunt
Much like all years prior, Tokyo Game Show 2017 has been no exception when it comes to displaying hundreds of ravishing booth babes and cosplayers, with the gorgeous 3D maidens possibly being the entire incentive of visiting the event for…

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