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Watch Voice Actress Inori Minase Rocks in Her New Music Video "Ready Steady Go!"
Tickets for her 1st solo live concert on December 2 have been already sold out!The official YouTube channel of 21-year-old anime voice actress Inori Minase, best known as Hesita in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon and Rem in ReZero &minus Starting Life in Another World, has posted a four-minute full music video for her upcoming 5th solo single song "Ready Steady Go!" Her highly-anticipated new single is set for a release on November 29

"THE iDOLM@STER: Stella Stage" Introduces Newcomer Idol Shika
Rie Takahashi voices the newest member of 961 Production Last month we posted about Shika, a newcomer to the world of idols in THE iDOLMSTER Stella Stage Voiced by Rie Takahashi (Megumin in KonoSuba, Emilia in ReZERO), Shika will join 961 Production when the next game launches on PS4 in Japan on December 21, but you can go ahead and meet her in the latest trailer after the jump

"Houshin Engi" Cast Adds Three More Voice Actors to the Mix
Anime reboot based on Ryu Fujisaki's supernatural adventure manga begins broadcasting in Japan in JanuaryThree more cast members have been revealed for the upcoming reboot of Houshin Engi (also known as Soul Hunter), a TV anime based on the supernatural adventure manga by Ryu Fujisaki Hit the jump to learn more

6 Reasons We're Glad Kino Is Back
If you've never gone journeying with Kino, you don't know what you're missing

Drunk-Driving U.S. Marine Kills Old Man ?No More Alcohol?
A US marine has been arrested for killing an elderly Okinawan man with his drunken driving, their curfew seemingly doing nothing to stop the intermittent rampage of US forces on the islandThe 21-year-old marine was driving a two-ton military…

Introducing An Apprentice Incubus Infinitely Lewd
Another lucky male has starred in a sex-abundant eroge, this time entitled “Introducing An Apprentice Incubus” and tasking players with meeting luscious women and subsequently sleeping with them, standard fair for an eroge but introducing puzzle elements for some extra…

Patchouli Knowledge Ero-Cosplay All About the Feet
Touhou’s diligent bookworm Patchouli Knowledge has taken up another hobby according to this lusty ero-cosplay, with the reclusive girl apparently heeding her sexual desires as she bares not only her white pantsu but her delicate feet as well…

Azur Lane ?Stole Hestia?s Boob Ribbon!?
Seemingly unable to shake the ways of its makers, Azur Lane’s cute ship-girl Vestal is now being excoriated by Kantard detractors for stealing a fashion accessory from Danmachi’s worshiped goddess Hestia, imitating her immensely enticing but functionally useless boob ribbon…

Yuru Hakama Achieves 4 Times Its Crowd Funding Goal
An innovative combination between the ancient kimono and hakama pants has proven to be extremely popular, as the design managed to accumulate 4 times its goal in crowd funding donations in a very short amount of time, demonstrating the love…

Gatebox: ?Marry Anime Characters At Last!?
Vinclu Inc, those responsible for the “Gatebox” (a device that provides a virtual 3D character to help users perform everyday tasks), have announced the opening of their “dimension-traveling station”, which accepts marriage registrations with fictional characters – finally allowing otaku…

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