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Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic Film Gets Private Screening Cruise
The Kuroshitsuji Book of the Atlantic (Black Butler Book of the Atlantic) anime film will sail into theaters across Japan on January 21 Before it makes

Reikenzan Season 2's 1st Teaser Video Reveals Title, New Staff, January Premiere
Hikaru no Go's Susumu Nishizawa directs at Studio Deen, supervises scripts

"Oh My Goddess!" Rockets Into Third Decade With Belldandy: Me, My Girlfriend and Our Ride Ver. Figure
This year marked the 30th anniversary of career debut of manga author Ksuke Fujishima This year marked the 30th anniversary of career debut of manga author Ksuke Fujishima (1986-92's You're Under Arrest, 1998-2014's Oh My Goddess!, designs for Sakura Wars, Tales Of and more) This was celebrated with art book Boku to Kanojo to Norimono to ("Me, My Girlfriend, and Our Rides")  And, that has now inspired a new figure from Good Smile Company Get a look after the jump

Prepare For "RWBY" Volume 4 With Recap And World of Remnant Shorts
There's also a new commercial for the Japanese release of volume 2, out October 26thRWBY Volume 4 premieres October 22 on Rooster Teeth To prepare for the return, Rooster Teeth has put together a recap of what's occured with Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang, and the story of their journey to become protectors of the world of Remnant With this are a series of World of Remnant mini-episodes in which Qrow walks view through the four Kingdoms of the world (Vacuo, Atlas, Mistral and Vale) from his perspective

Creepy Yet Lovable Mimikyu Stars In "Pok
Become a friend by tagging mePoor kimokawaii Mimikyu It's not the Sun and Moon introduction's fault that the Pokémon is a more than a bit creepypasta But, you can be a friend A Pokémon Halloween site has launched in Japan allowing fans to join in by posted to Twitter, Instagram and Vine with tags # (Friends of Mimikyu) and # (Mimikyu) More after thejump

Atelier Firis Brimming With Cuteness
Gust have unleashed a slew of new trailers for the overly cutesy Atelier Firis, showing off an array of content such as battles, gathering items in the field and even the costumes that the adorable Firis can wear and may…

Beautiful Breasts Contest Remarkably Risque
A contest seeking to find the greatest bosom in all of Japan has ascertained a winning pair, with the alluring Ryoko Nakazaki being gifted the title of the “nations most attractive chest” and naturally acquiring endless adoration from hordes of…

Fate/Grand Order Halloween Event Terrifyingly Sexy
Smartphone RPG FateGrand Order has gotten into the Halloween spirit with its seasonal event, introducing a plethora of new items, quests, characters and of course, luscious illustrations of the game’s fabulous girls in costumes – certain to convince perverse otaku…

Keijo Abreast With Moist Service
The gratuitously sexy Keijo has continued to titillate viewers with its asymmetrical-action, seemingly growing more humorous with each episode as the series goes in-depth with strategy and “high-end” techniquesOmake

Top 20 Anime Songs Sung by Women From 2000
Music has once again starred as the topic of this latest ranking, which has sought to determine the best anime songs sung by female vocalists and hailing from the year 2000, with the results seemingly shocking no one as a…

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